The Sense of Smell – for Children

Do you smell? Or rather, have you noticed the smells around you? We will be guessing what certain smells are: for example good ones like rose and vanilla, to unfamiliar ones like beeswax and whale poop (not as bad as you’d think). We’ll see how they are incorporated in the world around us, not just as perfume, but in plants and the food we eat. For example, can you guess what the four natural components of Coca-Cola are?

This class for children can be tailored to cover any aspect of the sense of smell and is really fun. Boys and girls alike enjoy pairing jelly beans to explore how scent and taste are linked, and the hands-on blending of essential oils.

The discussion ranges from how we smell (cribriform plates, cilia, volatile molecules and crash helmets!) to how smells are used by nature (carrion flowers, stinkhorn mushrooms, jasmine and moths) to the psychology of scent.

This class can cover several meetings or be condensed into a single session depending on the time allotted.

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