Perfumery Classes

Perfume, A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent

Somerset House, 21 Jun – 23 Sep 2017

My Perfume Lab Residency as part of the exhibition.

Purchase the fabulous Nez magazine here

or at the Somerset House Perfume Exhibition shop.

It’s the first English edition and it’s brilliant.

I’ve been on maternity leave, but I’m now organizing new classes and workshops in England.

Please email me at if you’d like to take part.



September 2017


Botanical Perfumery - Creating Your Own Fragrance

One day workshop at the New York Open Center

Sunday July 31st 2016 10 am – 6 pm

For more details, please click here


Accords Saturdays April 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th 2015

10:30am – 1:00pm


In these classes we’ll be making accords, the building blocks of perfumery. An accord is a balanced combination of several notes blended together to make a single impression. Accords can be used to simplify the process of scent creation.

We’ll learn about the different materials in these accords and where they fit into fragrance families as a way to understand how to categorize them. We’ll also see how their facets overlap with one another, creating a kaleidoscope of connections, ‘bridges’ between two materials. Click on individual classes to find out more and to register.

Class 1: Gourmand accords

Class 2: Aquatic accords

Class 3: Wood accords

Class 4: Accords in your favorite fragrance

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