Additional Classes Overview

Eliza teaches a wide range of classes.

The follow have been taught in educational spaces, schools and on an aircraft carrier (!) They can be tailored to suit many kinds of organizations. Eliza also tutors individuals.

The Scented Garden

A hands-on experience and a fun way to get started in the world of perfumery. Dive right into the raw materials, starting from classification (the bedrock of perfumery), and continuing on to the structure of fragrance. Begin the magical process of blending.

The Scented Garden, Part Two

A further exploration of exotic materials and a continuation of blending. A chance to deepen your knowledge of the fragrant families.

Special Materials

Focus on a single material with attention to its origins, varieties, uses and special qualities which act as bridges to other ingredients. Past classes have covered Vanilla absolutes, Ambergris, Rose Otto, Geranium Bourbon…

The Sense of Smell – for Children

A class for children: learning about the biology of smell and all sorts of weird and wonderful facts from the world of scent and taste.

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